Sheeptown Dates are Dropping Like Dead Flies

Bike season is here and for some such as the author this is cause for excitement.  I washed my last standing chamois in a slurry of acids and soaps last night in the hopes that this wonderful piece of cow hide which we tuck between our derrieres would sit down.  Or at least stop walking out of my closet.  With the motivation of spring it seemed only appropriate that we drop a little knowledge here as well about an event which is now in its 5th year.  Yes, 5 years we have done this or will have done this granting that we do indeed not end up floating away like we have feared the past two seasons.

Sheeptown 2011 is coming. In the event you forgot or have lost memories of that spring night last year here is a little reminder.

Herewith it is a pleasure to bring back the FARCA blog in all its glory.  Glory being a flag that some consider old but is still waved proudly.

Herewith (sounds really smart on a somwhat sunny Friday afternoon) is the schedule for Sheeptown which is in fact just around the corner less than a month away:

Thursday June 16  Sheeptown Drag Races

Powerhouse Hailey Idaho

5:30-10:00 p.m.

Friday June 17

Sheeptown Night #2 (we need a name for this night so please offer suggestions)

Cutters Ranch Park


Bike Polo

6:00-8:30 pm

Hot Dog Hill Climb One Handed World Time Trial Championships

8:30 pm

Saturday June 18

Sheeptown Epic

Departs from Powerhouse at 9:00 am

Without getting too granular (this is a coy marketing term I recently picked up) and that might seem small but still large enough to matter, I would like to draw attention to the “Bike Polo” addition to the schedule of events.  This is indeed that high society of sports, the dilettante of athleticism, the pinnacle of things you would never admit you did if you ever did it, POLO on a bike.  Teams of 8 squaring off against each other in heated 15 minute matches.   This is again serious, high stakes competition and we are certain someone will looth a tooth.   Start sorting out your teammates.  Sign ups will be announced sooner or later.  But start thinking about.

For BIKE POLO you need:



We will provide the rest.  NO LARP’ing.

Until very soon I leave you all with a little rap from our very special own musical guest at Sheeptown 2011:


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