The Official Sheeptown Press Release Deemed Fit for Human Consumption

N 43.514937 W 114.306251 (For Immediate Liberation) About 5 years ago, the Sheeptown Fat Tire Rally was conceived on an otherwise innocuous Tuesday night, the kind of evening where the men are men and sheep are on edge.  We are proud to say it is back, yet once again, in all its glory with the brand of amazingly stupefying bike-related competitions, highly emotional grudge matches, and true tests of athletic mettle which have made it famous valley-wide since 2006.

As per normal we kick it off on Thursday June 16, 2011 with the Sheeptown Drag Races, a head to head single elimination drag race pitting two riders at a time against each other towing logs on a 50 meter course.  Registration opens at 5:30 pm at the Powerhouse Bike Shop in downtown Hailey with action getting underway at around 7:00.  The Powerhouse will be offering a lamb roast along with their standard, healthy pub fare and inebriating beer and cocktail menu.

Friday June 17th brings a new event to the Sheeptown schedule with the upturned pinky, Bike Polo.  Played on bikes with teams of eight facing off in twenty minute matches, this event will prove to be THE new gong show.  Just show up to blow up (no pre-registration or forethought needed, but putting together a team beforehand is not a bad idea).  Once the champions of Bike Polo are crowned, riders will take to the Hot Dog Hillclimb One Handed World Time Trial Championships.  The HDHCOHWTTC challenges the brave to race up a hill holding a hot dog in one hand in a time trial format in a for reals, we ain’t kidding, World Championship event.  Bike Polo action gets underway at 6:00 pm with the Hot Dog Hillclimb start slated for 8:30 pm.  All activities on Friday evening are at the park in the Cutter’s Ranch subdivision.  Real estate tours and agents will no doubt be on hand.

Saturday June 18th beckons the return of the Sheeptown Epic.  Year to year this ride fluctuates with the call of the wild and this year is no different.  The ride route will, once again, follow a route of our liking.  Done.  Nonetheless, it is a long ride for the strong of leg, weak of mind, yet true of heart.  Will any chics please ride this year and show some of the old faerts in plaed how to ride their baekes?  This good time leaves from the Powerhouse at 9:00 am and follows a secret route returning in the late afternoon.  Mid-ride surprises are in store.

Costumes optional but encouraged.

About Sheetown-Located in the heart of sheep country round about the 43rd parallel, the Sheeptown Fat Tire Rally has paid homage to the mountain maggot since 2006 with the kind of two-wheeled reverence befitting an endangered species.  We love your coat and don’t mind if you poop, pee, graze or decide to die and bloat.  We eat your young, strive to have fun and don’t really mind your dung.  Long live Idaho esto perpetua.


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